3 Instances When You Should Schedule Residential Epoxy Flooring Repair Services

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Epoxy flooring is a popular choice for residential and commercial spaces alike, thanks to its durability and easy maintenance. However, epoxy floors are not immune to damage. Whether your floor has been damaged by wear and tear or by an accident, it's important that you schedule residential epoxy flooring repair services as soon as possible. Professional flooring contractors can fix any problem and offer advice on how to prevent similar problems in the future. Here are three instances when you should schedule residential epoxy flooring repair services:


If your floor has cracks that are not going away, this is a sign that your seams are failing and need to be repaired. Cracks in any type of flooring can be dangerous because they can allow water underneath the surface and can cause mold growth and further damage to your flooring. If you see cracks in your new or old epoxy floor, contact a professional flooring contractor immediately to evaluate the situation and determine what repairs are needed.


Bubbles on an epoxy floor are often caused by air trapped underneath the finish layer or under a sealer. The bubble will appear as small holes or indentations in the finish layer that look like they have air inside them when viewed from above. These types of bubbles often occur near seams where two pieces of material were joined together during installation. This could happen if the material used for making the floor isn't compatible with the temperature of your home or if there was an unexpected change in temperature that caused the material to expand or shrink unexpectedly. Whatever, the case, it's important to schedule repair services to get the problem fixed before it causes extensive damage to your flooring.


If your floor is peeling up from the tiles underneath it, this could be a sign that there are other issues with your flooring system such as moisture damage or structural problems within the subflooring itself that need to be addressed first before repairing any damaged areas of your epoxy flooring system. Scheduling residential epoxy flooring repair services can allow an experienced professional contractor to determine if this is indeed the case or if there are other issues with your residential epoxy flooring which need to be fixed. The professionals will implement quality repair solutions to prevent similar problems from recurring.

If your epoxy floors show signs of damage like cracks, bubbles, extreme fading, or peeling up from the tiles underneath them, it's important to get the problem assessed as soon as possible before it becomes a major issue. A professional flooring contractor can assess the damage and recommend quality repair solutions to fix the problem. Contact a company like Tillotson Enterprise Inc for more information. 

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