What Happens When You Need Water Damage Restoration After A Pipe Bursts

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Back to Square One When your home is destroyed by a flood, termites, hail, or even a wildfire, you initially feel out of place and hopeless. The place that was once your sanctuary is now unsafe and unlivable, and you're not sure what to do first. Actually, your first call should be to a home restoration company. They have the equipment to dry out your home, assess the damage, and then make the necessary repairs to make it livable again. It may not be tomorrow, and it may not be next week — but you'll have your home back. Learn more about restoration and home repairs by reading the articles we've collected on this website.





When a water pipe bursts in your home, you may be overwhelmed with how to clean up the damage. Rather than attempt to restore your home yourself, call a water damage restoration company for quick help. It's an emergency when your home is flooded with water, and you can usually get help any time of day when you need it.

Water damage restoration involves several steps, and it could take many days to complete when you consider damaged materials need to be replaced. Here are more things to know.

Mold Is An Issue With Water Damage

One reason quick action is needed to dry out your house is that mold can start growing in just a few days if your house is damp or wet. Then, you need to deal with both water and mold damage to your home. When you call a water damage restoration professional, they remove standing water first and then dry out your home with drying equipment so mold doesn't have a chance to grow. The company may leave drying equipment set up for a few days and let it run overnight in an attempt to remove all water and dry out materials in your home.

They may also check your home with moisture meters and an infrared camera to make sure there is no hidden water damage that could grow mold where you don't see it.

Some Things May Be Dried Off-Site

The water damage restoration company may take some of your things, such as area rugs and furniture, to their facility to dry them out. It's not always possible to save furniture, carpet, and rugs, so you'll need to let the restoration company know what you're willing to throw out and what you want to save if possible.

The Restoration Company Replaces Building Materials

Some building materials may need to be thrown out. For example, drywall soaks up water and is difficult to dry out, so it will probably just be removed and replaced. The first step in water damage restoration is to dry out your house, and then the second step is to restore lost building materials. The restoration company might put down new carpet, install new drywall, repair flooring, and paint over areas that need it. The goal is to restore your home to its original condition so you won't be able to tell there was any water damage at all. This second step in the restoration process takes the longest since building materials have to be ordered and then installed. If your home had a lot of water damage, it might be weeks before work is complete.

Contact a water damage restoration service for more information. 

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