Epoxy Flooring Is Easy To Clean And A Good Choice For Your Small Restaurant

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If you own a small restaurant, such as a carry-out pizza place or ice cream shop, you have a lot of things to consider about maintaining your building. One thing that's easy to overlook is the type of flooring you have. The flooring may not seem all that important when you have a small shop, but its appearance matters to your customers. Epoxy flooring can be a good choice when you build your shop or upgrade your floors. Here's why an epoxy floor is a good match for a restaurant.

Epoxy Is Easy To Keep Clean

Epoxy is a coating that goes on in a continuous layer like paint. It's much more durable than paint since it's made of chemicals that bond together and cure to make the epoxy tough. Since there are no seams or grooves, you can easily clean the floor by sweeping and mopping.

The floor resists stains, and the coating makes an attractive barrier over a concrete slab that would otherwise show dirt or be rough looking. Epoxy can take on different looks, and one of them is a high gloss. When your shop has a shiny floor, it makes your place seem sparkly clean.

Epoxy Flooring Can Be Textured

Epoxy is more versatile than it may seem. In addition to making the floor shiny and being available in many colors, you can have the floor textured. This is an important feature for a carry-out restaurant that has a lot of people coming and going in all kinds of weather. Rain that gets tracked in won't make the floor slippery and dangerous.

Epoxy Can Match Any Decor

Epoxy flooring is a good match for a restaurant, and it will also match your decor whether your shop is casual or upscale. You can choose the color for your floor and even choose to have additional color flakes added to give your floor a speckled or veined look.

Epoxy Floors Last A Long Time

Epoxy floors are used in all kinds of commercial and industrial settings because they are so durable. The higher the quality of the epoxy, the longer the floor lasts. Plus, the life of the floor depends on how much foot traffic your restaurant has. Still, the epoxy should last for several years, so you don't have to worry about the expense of new flooring for a long time.

Epoxy Flooring Makes A Good Work Surface

Besides making the customer area of your shop more appealing, epoxy floors are a good match for a busy kitchen or food prep area. Epoxy tolerates spills, hot liquids, and even oils. That makes it easy to keep stains cleaned up, and with regular mopping, the floors are always clean and ready for a surprise inspection.

For more information about epoxy flooring, contact a local flooring company, like Tillotson Enterprise Inc.

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