You May Have Some False Beliefs About Water Damage

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When you hear the term "water damage," what comes to mind? Maybe you are picturing a flooded, moldy basement. Or perhaps you're picturing a wet attic with moist insulation and rotten joists. These are examples of water damage, but if you think that all water damage looks like this, then you may not be as knowledgeable about the subject as you could be. Here are a few more specific beliefs about water damage that are common but not necessarily true.

Belief #1: Water damage is only an issue if it's extensive.

The more extensive the water damage, the bigger of a deal it is. However, even small areas of water damage are not something you should ignore. Even a couple of moist ceiling tiles are enough to grow mold. And sometimes, you may only see a few drops of water, but there's actually a big pool of water hiding somewhere hidden, like between the walls or under the floor. 

If you know where a small spot of water damage came from and you know that issue is now corrected, then you may be able to deal with the issue yourself. But if you're not sure how a seemingly small amount of water damage arose, then you really should call the professionals.

Belief #2: Water damage is only an issue if dirty-looking water came into your home.

Water damage is still a big deal, even if the water that floods your home came from rain or from the fresh water pipes. Clean water can quickly become contaminated. Rain water often carries contamination from animal feces and even human waste with it. And fresh water the floods into your home soon touches out dirty surface, and then carries that dirt all over. Plus, bacteria and fungi replicate so quickly in water, even if that water was originally clean. Don't ever ignore water damage because it was caused by so-called "clean" water.

Belief #3: Water damage is never covered by homeowners' insurance.

There are situations in which water damage is not covered by homeowners' insurance. But this is not always the case. It is always worth calling your insurance company and reporting the damage to see if it will be covered. You may have to pay a deductible, but after that, the insurance company will often pay for the water cleanup, mold removal, and restoration of the damaged area. Don't avoid making the call because you assume your claim will be denied.

Hopefully this information has taught you something new about water damage and water damage restoration. You never quite know when your home will flood, so knowing the basics is essential.

To learn more, contact a water damage contractor.

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