Identifying Hydraulic Leaks And Replacing Seals To Get Equipment Working Again

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One of the most common problems with machinery is a hydraulic leak. This problem is often caused by the seals wearing out and failing. The good news is that repairing these problems can easily be done by replacing your worn hydraulic seals. The following hydraulic leak inspections will help you find and replace the seals that are causing problems:

Dealing with Leaks at Hydraulic Pistons

The pistons of equipment are where the hydraulic systems provide the working force. This means that they are also areas that are vulnerable to more issues with leaks that can start out small. Sometimes, a small amount of fluid is lost in these areas, but it should never be excessive. While the machine is in an idle position and the engine is turned off, make sure there is not any loss of hydraulic fluid. If you notice the buildup of oil and grime in these areas, you will want to look for leaks around the piston seals.

Issues with Seals Leaking at the Manifold

The manifold of your hydraulic system is where the fluids are delivered to moving parts. This is another area where your machinery is under a lot of stress. Hydraulic manifolds also have many seals that can fail and may need to be replaced. The manifold should never leak hydraulic fluid. Therefore, if you notice grease and grime in these areas, seals may need to be replaced. If there are a lot of leaks, you may want to get a kit to rebuild the manifold and replace all of the seals.

Pumps That Leak Due to Seals Failing 

The hydraulic pump is what provides the pressure that is needed for the hydraulic system to work. This is another area where fluid loss can cause serious issues with your equipment. You will want to inspect the pump while the machine is off, as well as when it is running. When the machine is running, look for leaks around the seals. You will also want to listen for strange noises that may be signs of problems that need repairs.

Issues with Other Small Seals

There are many other small seals that can leak with your hydraulic systems. These are often sealed around smaller components and fasteners. When you are inspecting your equipment, you will want to look for leaks around all these components. Often, the small leaks in these areas are the start of bigger problems and damage to machinery's hydraulic systems.

Your Hydraulic systems need to be inspected regularly to catch problems with leaks and repair them before they cause severe damage. Contact a local hydraulics parts service like HyVal Industries Inc to get the seals to repair your equipment before problems get worse.

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