Exterior Yacht Renovations to Prepare Your Boat for the Water Next Summer

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Various renovations can be done to a yacht. The exterior hull and upper decks are areas that get the most wear. Therefore, you may want to do repairs and renovations for the exterior of your boat. The following yacht renovations will help you prepare for the summer boating season:

Cleaning and Inspecting the Hull for Damage

The hull of your boat should be a priority when doing renovations. Before starting, the hull needs to be cleaned. This will allow you to inspect the exterior of your yacht for damage that may need to be repaired. After inspection and repairs, a fresh marine coating can be applied to finish and protect the hull. If you want to add more protection to the hull of your yacht, there are also modern vinyl wraps that can be installed. These wraps help protect the finish of the yacht and can be replaced when they start to wear out.

Repairing Glass and Porthole Seals

There is a lot of glass in modern yachts. The wheelhouse of your boat may have glass that is more like home windows. These windows and the round portholes elsewhere have seals that can dry and crack in the marine environment. You will want to replace these seals and inspect the glass while renovations are being done. If you are doing work to the interior of your yacht, you can also add glass if you are changing the interior. You need to make sure that all the glass is durable and the seals are in good shape. Any glass that has visible defects or cracks should be replaced.

Resurfacing the Upper Decks of the Yacht

The deck surface is one of the most important features of your yacht. The surface of the decks needs to have special qualities for the marine environment. First, it has to be resistant to water. It should also have qualities that make them more slip-resistant. There are many boat deck finishes to choose from, which can be synthetic finishes or natural wood materials treated with special coatings. Talk to your renovation service about the best choice for surfaces for the design of your yacht and the renovations you are planning.

Renovating the exterior of your yacht now will ensure you do not have problems during the summer boating season. Contact a yacht repair service to start planning these repairs for the exterior of your vessel before the summer boating season.

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