Signs Your Attic Needs Water Damage Restoration

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You don't go in your attic much, but this is an area of your home that should be given special attention from time to time. When your attic is damaged by moisture or water, your home can suffer as a result. Here are signs your attic has water damage and needs to have water damage restoration done on it. You should always have water damage taken care of by proper water damage restoration services to ensure healthy and accurate service.

Your roof has recently been leaking

Have you had a roof leak in your home? Is your roof actively leaking now and you're in the process of having roof repair done? You should not ignore your attic, since the attic can cause the rest of your home to become water damaged as well if you leave the area exposed. For example, the insulation in your attic can become moldy and musty if you don't have it removed and replaced. The mold and mildew damage in your attic can cause spores to travel into your home via vents, putting your home at risk of mold contamination.

Simply having water damage restoration done on your attic can prevent mold and mildew from entering your home from a leaking roof. Even a small roof leak can cause serious attic damage, so call water damage restoration services as soon as you notice a problem.

Your attic is damp and not well-ventilated

Most attics have a ventilation system in place to help keep the area from getting too hot or cold as seasons change. The ventilation is also meant to protect attics from having moisture buildup since moisture can cause issues with wood and cause attics to become stuffy and potentially hazardous.

If your attic does not have a ventilation system in place, such as an automatic fan, vents that lead to the outside, a window for easy ventilation, or another ventilation source, you may have water damage up there. Even if your attic is only slightly damp and you see no real signs of water stains, it's best to give a water damage restoration company a call and see if insulation needs to be checked, floors need to be cleaned, or ventilation systems need to be checked or repaired.

If your attic is free of water damage, the rest of your home is safe from the same. Check your attic periodically to make sure there are no lingering water spots or other signs of moisture and call a water damage restoration company if you notice any future problems. For more information about water damage restoration, contact a local service.

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