A Water Damage Restoration Company Can Dry Your Shop And Control Mold Growth After A Pipe Bursts

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If you were greeted by the sight of water damage when you opened your shop recently, it's important to make sure the water has completely dried out. Mopping or using a wet vac may only get rid of visible water, and it's necessary to also remove all dampness and hidden water to prevent future problems. You have a lot at stake as a small business owner, so you may want to call a water damage restoration company for help. Here are some steps that may be needed to get your building dry.

Test Areas For Moisture

A water damage restoration professional can test your building for hidden water by using equipment such as a thermal camera or moisture meter. Equipment finds water and dampness behind walls that you don't know is there. It's important to find these wet areas or mold may grow and make your store unhealthy and give it a bad odor.

Remove Materials That Can't Be Dried Out

Some materials don't dry out very well. Drywall is a good example of this. When drywall gets wet, it might swell, crack, or form bubbles. Sometimes, repairs can be done as long as the wall is dry, but other times, the drywall has to be taken out and replaced with new material.

A water damage restoration professional has experience to know where to find problem areas so they can be replaced or repaired rather than just covered over.

Set Up Dryers And Dehumidifiers

Your floor and walls will dry out faster if the air has less humidity. The restoration company may set dehumidifiers around the building to pull moisture from the air. They might also place dryers on the floor to evaporate moisture in building materials and in cracks and other places that are hard to reach.

Help You Deal With Wet Inventory

When a water pipe bursts, it can ruin a lot of things in your store depending on where the pipe is located. If your inventory is wet, a water damage restoration company may have ways to dry it out or they may recommend specialty cleaners, such as a dry cleaner or document restoration company. The restoration professional can also help you decide what items are worth saving and restoring and what has to be thrown out.

Make Mold Removal A Priority

Mold starts growing in a damp building in just a few days under the right conditions. Wet building materials supply food and water, and your shop is probably kept in the right temperature range for mold to survive. Quick action is important to stop water damage and to prevent mold.

A water damage restoration company knows this and works to control the environment so mold doesn't grow or to remove it if it's already present. They may also need to sanitize and deodorize the building to get rid of lingering sour and mildew smelling odors once the building has been dried out.

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