2 Things You Should Do To Prepare Your Home For New Roofing Installation

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After deciding that your home's roof is either too old or too damaged, you may have already consulted with a roofing company to have it replaced with a new one. However, if you have never had a new roof installed before, you may be wondering if there is anything that you can do to help make the process go easier once the workers arrive. If so, there are a couple of areas that you can focus on when making preparations for the installation.

1.  Clear Out Anything Stored in Your Attic

One area in which you can focus your preparation efforts is the attic of your house. Although the workers will be working on the outside of your home, vibrations from them walking on the roof, moving materials around, and nailing plywood and shingles onto the roof will resonate down into your house along the walls. This is especially true in your attic. 

If the workers will be replacing the plywood, your belongings may be exposed to the outdoors, especially if it does not have a finished ceiling. Before the date of your installation arrives, clear out anything you have stored in your attic and stow it someplace else in your house.

2.  Take Care of Any Trees, Shrubbery, and Plants Around Your Home's Exterior

Once you have stowed away any breakables inside of your home, it is time to turn your focus to the exterior. This part of your roofing installation preparations involves taking care of any trees, shrubbery, and plants that are growing close to your house.

Look for any trees or shrubs that have branches and foliage growing close to the sides and roof of the house. If you find any, trim these back to not only protect the growth but also to give the roofers room to work without worrying about damaging it.

Once you have cleared the area of stray branches, look around for any flowers, bushes, and plants that may be impacted by falling materials. Have canvas covers nearby so that when the workers start the job, the greenery can be quickly covered to protect it.

Making preparations before the installation date can help you protect your possessions while making it easier for the workers to do their job. For more information about what to expect and what you can do before your new roof is installed, speak with the roofing contractor who will be coordinating the installation process.

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